Walking Safari & Elephant

Zambia is one of my favourite countries in Africa to visit. The quality of the wildlife experience, in my opinion surpasses that of most other African destinations, with the possible exceptions of Kenya and Tanzania. Zambia however hits the top of my favourite list as it is much less busy than Kenya and Tanzania, so you also have the feeling of being off-the-beaten-track.

As the home of the walking safaris, Zambia’s countryside lends itself to this sort of holiday. Walking is for the most part easy, game is plentiful and the scenery beautiful. If you do not have a walking safari on you bucket list, it is time to add it.

In the last 15 years, the accommodation offerings in Zambia have gone from okay to poor to WOW! When you mention lodges like Chinzombo, Thorntree, Sausage Tree and King Lewanika, you are talking true international 5 star plus. The average offering has much more competation now and have, in the main, upped their game considerably.

One of the beauties of the Zambezi River (I could quite easily spend a week of longer at any of the properties on the river) is that is has quite a few islands that now have lodges available for you to book. I think of Sindabezi, Royal Chundu and Tsika Island Bush Camp to name a few. This just adds a different dimension to you trip.

Zambia is a safari and adventure destination (Victoria Falls area), it is not really a cultural, historical, architectural and scenic self-drive destination. It is easily combined with South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi, Kenya and Tanzania and thus should be part of your Africa trip should you have the time to spend travelling in this beautiful continent.


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