Potholes on road in Zambia

  • Due to heavy summer rains, the river levels in some parks are too high or the parks are too wet for travel. Please bear this in mind when planning an itinerary or deciding when to travel.
  • The Zambian side of the Victoria Falls during low water may not have any water
  • When you do White Water Rafting from the Zambian side, there is a lift that takes you up from the river to the top of the gorge at the end of the trip. On the Zimbabwe side, you still have an hour hike out of the gorge.
  • You can use USD in Zambia, but if you buy from the local traders, you will most probably receive change in Zambian Kwacha. It is always good to have some local currency, which you can draw at an ATM.
  • Roads in Zambia are of variable states of repair, so a self-drive is not recommended unless you are a seasoned Africa traveller. There are some very good roads, but also quite a few are like the picture displayed in this post.


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