One of Africa's finest safari destinations!

Kenya is a long-established tourist favourite. As an established destination it offers service levels, attention to detail and quality of staff that takes time to develop. Kenya’s tourist infrastructure is well developed with easy access to its main attractions. This is not to say that all is done and dusted safari-wise as the country is developing other destinations due to the increase in demand for more off-the-beaten track options.

Conservation also never stays stagnant, with new initiatives continually springing up in an effort to preserve the wealth and diversity of its wildlife.

Kenya ranks amongst the top 10 safari destinations in Africa. Each safari destination is unique and has its own charm, ambience, experiences and highlights. Kenya is blessed it that it offers such a variety. The famous Masai Mara and its annual migration has been its main draw card, but Kenya is so much more: The Amboseli, Lake Nakuru & Naivasha, Mount Kenya, Samburu & Shaba, Laikipia, Tsavo East & West are but a few of the options available.

If that were not enough, Kenya also has a beautiful coastline with white sandy beaches and warm tropical waters. Divers, deep-sea fishermen, kite-surfing enthusiasts and beach lovers can all find their place in the tropical sun.

The country has in recent times faced the occasion political and terrorist incidents or threats. As tourism is so much part of the Kenyan economy and way of life, the authorities take these very seriously.

Although Kenya is very much part of the beaten track, there are destinations in Kenya that can truly be classified as the road less travelled. It offers both and as such something for everyone. If you plan a short holiday to Kenya, you are doing yourself a great disservice as this destination needs a longer time or several visits to truly be explored and appreciated.

Places in Kenya

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