Kenya Island Stays

Both fresh water and ocean islands to die for!

Kenya has the advantage of being on the Indian Ocean and on the largest lake in Africa, Lake Victoria. This means that you have a choice of an island stay in fresh water or salt water.

Where to go?
If you are looking for a fresh water Lake Victoria experience, which by the way is the source of the Nile River, you cannot go wrong with time spent on Mfangano Island. Home to the greatest number of Suba people who speak Olusuba, which is a language struggling to survive, Mfangano Island houses about 17000 people. Fishing is the main source of food for its inhabitants and you are sure to see the fishermen out on the lake during your stay. Mfangano is set on an secluded bay which seems so far away from civilization, but is in fact so near.

If you would prefer to visit the islands of Lamu and Manda on the ocean, you will be welcomed by white sandy beaches and the azure Indian Ocean. Lamu Town is a busy and noisy, but you have the choice of resorts closer to town or those further away where you can stroll on almost deserted beaches to your hearts content.

Manda Island is part of the Lamu Archipelago and in fact has the only airport in the archipelago. Much less crowded than Lamu island, you have the chance to put your feet up in your exclusive resort at the tip of the island.


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