Kenya Off-the-beaten-track

Just relax and enjoy the wide open spaces. Great for the family!

As one of Africa’s premier safari destination for many decades, one would expect Kenya to have few off-the-beaten-track destinations left. This is not the case. Parts of the Masai Mara eco system, remain remote and almost untouched. Here Cottars comes to mind. Most of the most popular destinations have at least one option where you will feel that you are not part of the madding crowd. If you do not want to part of the 100 to 200 safari vehicles jockeying for position at one of the river crossing points during the great migration, you can visit the Masai Mara in the off season. Not all the animals migrate and predators are territorial, so you can have a great safari experience all year round.

Having said this, the newer tourist areas of Laikipia, Lewa & Loisaba are definitely the road less travelled. With fewer lodges spread over a vast area, you will be well placed to include these areas if you are looking for something more remote.

Tsavo East & West together form the largest safari area in Kenya. With fewer lodges, you can go on safari and almost see no other safari vehicles (except for those from your own lodge) during your daily outing.

Hell’s Gate National Park on the Great Rift Valley offers you  a chance to get away from it all, and that includes the tourist hordes.

The north is Kenya is where savannah gives way to desert. Dry, forbidding and sometimes inhospitable, safaris to this part of Kenya definitely tick the off-the-beaten-track box.


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