Unique, Unusual and untamed!

Madagascar is the world’s most unusual destination. Over 80% of the plant species and 90% of the animal species found in Madagascar are found nowhere else. If that does not catch your attention, then “I know not”. As the 4th largest island in the world, Madagascar has a variety of habitats including deserts, rain forests, swamps, sandy beaches, coral reefs, islands, highlands, lowlands and everything in-between.

Madagascar is not a hit-and-run destination. Firstly it is already off-the-beaten-track and getting there is often involves sets of long flights. Secondly, once there, the sheer size of the island will take a while to appreciate. Thirdly, the variety of experiences, wildlife and flora will demand that you spend time, just to experience a small portion of what Madagascar has to offer.

Surrounded by the warm Indian Ocean, Madagascar is a beach destination in its own right. With a coastline of almost 5000km and a couple dozen islands, there are bound to be some beach gems and places that are off-the-beaten track. What can be more different than beaches and lemurs?
The road and transport infrastructure of Madagascar is poor and is a severe hinderance to economic growth. It also makes sights of interest more difficult to access, this also inhibiting tourism. Madagascar’s range of climates is also a factor as a part of Madagascar may be experiencing heavy rain and other parts no rain at all. Rain severely affects road conditions, travel times and is a factor that must be considered when planning your trip to Madagascar.

Tourists spend very little time in the cities and use them as a entry and/or exit point. The attraction of Madagascar are its “wild” areas where the 60 different types of lemurs, tomato frogs, panther chameleons and fossas can be found. The avenue of Baobabs and mineral forests of Tsingy are but two of the unusual scenery on offer.

Madagascar is a true bucket list destination for nature lovers and those that cherish off-the-beaten-track experiences.

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