South Africa

World in one country!

South Africa is the continent’s best developed tourist destination. With infrastructure that surpasses any other African country and a diversity of tourist options, no trip to Africa is complete without visiting South Africa.

South Africa has many safari destinations of which some are Malaria free, which is unique in Africa. The vegetation in South Africa’s safari areas, is for the most part, more lush than other comparable African destinations and game viewing is a bit more difficult. To overcome this challenge and to provide the safari goer with the best game viewing experience, the rangers in a reserve are in constant contact with each other and exchange information about animal sightings. All reputable reserves have a very strict “bush etiquette” and sightings are generally well managed.

There are some, albeit few, reserves that will classify as off-the-beaten-track, which is a pity as South Africa is one of the top ten safari destinations in Africa and has just become overcrowded. Don’t get me wrong, we are not talking about bus loads of camera happy visitors descending on a sighting. In comparison, however, to other destinations (except for the Masai Mara and Serengeti at the river crossing), it is much busier and you may see game lodge vehicles from several other lodges in the area while on a game drive.

South Africa is not only about safari. The country is scenic and boasts unique flora as well. The famous Garden Route and Western Cape are lush and green and form part of one of six floral kingdoms of the world. They combine the beautiful, rugged southern coast of Africa with an amazing array of plants, unique to the area. The Drakensberg Mountains rise majestically along the spine of South Africa and offer some incredible hiking and walking options. The warm Indian Ocean runs up the east coast of South Africa and together with some of the world’s best beaches makes for a pleasant beach holiday under the subtropical African sun.

The rich history of South Africa can be experienced in many parts where the heritage has been preserved. Tours with experts are on offer to help the visitor to make the most of a visit to this area.

No mention of South Africa is complete without mentioning Cape Town and its iconic Table Mountain. One of Africa’s most visited destinations, Cape Town has much to offer. For foodies, there is a vibrant “foodie” culture, for nature-lovers, Table Mountain, Cape Point, for beach goers, the likes of Clifton and Llandudno cannot be beaten, for nightlife, the city bowl boasts many clubs and night spots. Of course Cape Town is a stone’s throw from over 8 wine routes which produce some of the world’s leading wines.

Johannesburg is the economic hub of the country and together with the nation’s capital, offers tours that have political, cultural and historic significance.

South African has many other attractions, that can easily be reached on self-drive trips or scheduled bus trips through the country. Indeed, with its good infrastructure, there are very few places in South Africa that are really inaccessible. It is the best destination in Africa for self-driving.

Off-the-beaten-track options are available in South Africa, but local knowledge of the destination is essential to plan such a trip.

With so much on offer, South Africa can be classified as a world in one country.

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