Tanzania Off-the-beaten-track

Vast areas of Tanzania remain little explored. Why not be among the elite that visit them.

When you mention Tanzania, the Serengeti and Zanzibar pop to mind. These however do not conjure up images of wide open spaces and long deserted beaches. For that matter, Mount Kilimanjaro with its hordes of climbers also does not fit the bill. Where do you go if that is your wish?

  • Mahale Mountain National Park and in particular Greystoke Mahale Lodge which besides you and 11 other people, you have the whole area to yourself (and the chimps of course)
  • If the Serengeti is a Madi Gras, then Katavi is an intimate family gathering. Lesser known, and more difficult to get to, with only a handful of lodges, this should be your cup of tea. Safari & space!
  • The Selous Game Reserve, is the largest game reserve in the world is dominated by the Rufiji River. The Selous is 4x the size of Switzerland and with less than 30 lodges it is safe to say that when you stay at any lodge, you are in one of the most remote parts of Africa.
  • The Ruaha, which is about 40% as big as the Selous with less than 15 lodges, you are guaranteed to be off-the-beaten-track.
  • Saadani National Park, a great combination of bush & beach, but still little known.
  • Lake Natron that is the primary breeding ground for over 2 million lesser flamingos and the scenes of birds that looked like they have been turned into stone. One of the most serene lakes in Africa.



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